Send Transcripts to UNO

There are different ways to send your transcripts to UNO. No matter how you send them, please follow these instructions to ensure that the Office of Admissions receives your transcripts.

Louisiana High School Transcripts

All Louisiana high school transcripts are downloaded automatically from the Board of Regents database. Applicants have to provide their Social Security Number on the UNO application in order for us to access these records.


E-Script Safe Transcripts

If your school participates in Transcripts on Demand, please use the web link provided by your school to submit transcripts to UNO. Once you log in to Transcripts on Demand, please type University of New Orleans on the recipient input box. No email address and recipient name are required.

If your school is not participating in Transcripts on Demand, please use the following information to order a transcript from your school to be forwarded to UNO.

First Name: UNO
Last Name: Admissions

All other electronic transcripts (except E-script Safe) must be submitted to from authentic sources.


International Transcripts

Official high school transcripts must be sent directly from the school. The transcripts must be in the original language, accompanied by an official English translation. International college/university transcripts must be evaluated by one of the NACES Evaluation Agencies.


Military Transcripts

If you were a member of the United States Armed Forces and plan to send your military transcripts to the university, please use the following resources:

Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines | Joint Services Transcript Request
Air Force | Air University Transcript Request

All Other Transcripts

Paper transcripts need to be forwarded to the UNO Office of Admissions directly from the previous institution in a sealed envelope to the following address:

University of New Orleans
Privateer Enrollment Center
105 Earl K. Long Library
2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

Faxed or emailed transcripts sent by students will not be accepted.