Computer Labs and Libraries

The Department of Mathematics has many computational resources available to students. Our computer classroom/lab has been used for courses at all levels, from elementary calculus to advanced dynamics, finite element analysis and statistics.

Our students and faculty come from many parts of the world, with a wide variety of races, religions, and countries represented.

Computer Lab

The department has four computer labs available for student and faculty use. The labs are all located in Math Building 107, 110, 200, and 212.

Software Library

Our software library includes TeX, Mathematica, ANSYS and numerous specialized mathematical applications and packages. We also have statistical software such as SAS and S-Plus as well as Java and C language capabilities.

Math Tutor Center

The Math Tutor Center helps students maximize their academic potential.

Math Tutor Center

UNO Library

The UNO Library has nearly one million volumes, and good journal and ejournal holdings. Students participate in seminars, research and teaching.