Master's Degree Requirements and Forms

Thesis Checklist -  2018                              Non-thesis Checklist - 2018


Due Dates

Candidate Plan of Study (PDF) l (Excel) ‐ should be prepared after 12‐15 hrs. have been completed; must be submitted to the Graduate School in the semester prior to semester in which you will be graduating (Fall: May 15, Spring: October 1, Summer: March 1)

Application for Graduation
– online form that officially adds you to the graduation list; complete on the Registrar’s office website no later than the first week of classes in the semester that you plan to graduate

Certification of Foreign Language/Computer Competence
– not required for all degree programs; should be submitted once the requirement has been met

Non-thesis Master's Examination Report
| Co-chairs version

Approval of the Non-thesis Examination Committee. Due approximately 4 weeks prior to the Commencement Ceremony.

Thesis Defense
– public and oral defense of your thesis manuscript before your committee; Drafts of the manuscript should be submitted to committee members at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense

Thesis Format Check
– you have to upload your manuscript to the UNO Thesis/Dissertation Collection in ScholarWorks for review by the Graduate School of the format; must be completed no later than 5 weeks before Commencement; students should consult the current version of the Thesis & Dissertation Manual before sending their manuscript for review

Thesis Approval Form
| Co-chairs version – evidence of approval of the thesis by committee; two‐page form; students must sign twice on the first page; committee signs on the second page; title on the form must be identical to the title as it appears on the manuscript; due the last week of the month preceding Commencement


Request for Extension of the time limit

Students admitted prior to Fall 2012:

  • All requirements towards a Master's degree must be completed within 8 calendar years.
  • All requirements towards a Doctoral degree must be completed within 13 years of admission.

Students admitted or re-admitted after a 5-year absence Fall 2012 and thereafter:

  • All requirements towards a Master's degree must be completed within 6 calendar years.
  • All requirements towards a Doctoral degree must be completed within 6 calendar years of completing the General Examination.
*Each degree program may enforce stricter time limits on degree completion.