Student at deskAccelerated Master's Program

Earn credit towards a master's degree while finishing your bachelor's.  As early as your junior year, you can declare your intent to complete both degrees and shorten the overall length of time (and cost) to get your bachelor's and your master's.  Why get a master's degree? People with graduate degrees make $400,000 more over their lifetime. 

 Programs Available

How to Apply

  1. Download the application form here.
  2. Have your college, graduate degree program, and the Graduate School sign the form. 
  3. Return the completed and signed form to the Graduate School in Administration Building 1004A, preferably in your junior year of your Bachelor's degree. 


Minimum GPA
Undergraduate Hours
Minimum hours of
3000-level and above
3.4 GPA 75 hours toward Bachelor's 18 credit hours