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Advanced Materials Research Center (AMRI)

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Board of Regents Approved

Director: Dr. John Wiley
Assistant Director: I. R. (Poncho) De Leon
Fax: 504-280-3185


Research Areas: The Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI) is a multidisciplinary research institute that provides a unique opportunity to develop novel research ideas that ultimately involve the government, private, and academic sectors in the conception and development of research programs. The interactions with corporate laboratories provide a synergistic pathway that promotes technology transfer and private sector involvement in the operation of AMRI.

Areas of Expertise: The research at AMRI is conducted in groups which specialize in the synthesis, fabrication, testing, characterization, development, and nanotechnology of nanomaterials, nanocomposites, and functional materials for the development of advanced materials for use in industry and defense applications. These groups are: Nanosensors Group, Thermoelectrics Group, MultiFerroics Group, AMRI-Engineering Group, and Outreach Summer Research Programs Group.

Special Research Capabilities: The AMRI research laboratories are located in the Science Building at the University of New Orleans, where 10,000 square feet of ample wet and dry laboratory space and over $10.0 M in specialized scientific research instrumentation is available for our research. The majority of our research is conducted at our AMRI facilities by scientists, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students who are developing and working on their research programs. Some components of the research are conducted in the laboratories of our research collaborators at other academic institutions and industrial laboratories.

Center for Hazards Assessment Response and Technology (CHART)

Board of Regents Approved

Director: Dr. Monica Farris
Fax: 504-280-4023


Research Areas:UNO-CHART is an applied social science hazards research center that collaborates with Louisiana communities emphasizing coastal communities including the City of New Orleans. The focus of UNO-CHART is to support Louisiana community sustainability in light of natural, technological and environmental risks to which the state is vulnerable. The Center undertakes applied social science research to understand ways in which Louisiana communities and the coastal region respond to these risks, assists in the development of best practices for reducing risks and helps in implementing these practices to achieve comprehensive community sustainability. The second focus of UNO-CHART is to learn about and help mitigate the reverse dynamic, the impacts of community activity (i.e., social, political, economic), on the ecosystems within the coastal and southeast regions of the state.

Areas of Expertise: Specialties of staff and associated professors include sociology geography, political science, urban studies, planning, and relevant bio/physical sciences and engineering.

Special Research Capabilities: Currently, CHART projects address repeated flood loss, disaster mitigation planning, developing of community resiliency assessments, storm mitigation efforts by coastal communities, scientist/community collaboration on ecosystem health, community continuity, risk literacy, and risk management. 

Greater New Orleans Center for Information Assurance (GNOCIA)

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Board of Regents Approved

Director: Dr. Vassil Roussev
Fax: 504-280-7228


Research Areas: The Greater New Orleans Center for Information Assurance (GNOCIA) is dedicated to research and instruction in the broad area of Information Assurance (IA). The GNOCIA has several interrelated missions, including facilitating interaction between government, industry, and academia to perform cutting edge research in IA, attracting federal funding to support these research efforts, attracting and retaining highly-qualified students, staff, and faculty, and workforce development through creation of specialized training opportunities. The Center also develops outreach programs to increase awareness of opportunities in IA in a number of communities, from high school students to entrepreneurs. Finally, the GNOCIA will provide a development environment where, in collaboration with industry and government agencies, research ideas in IA are grown into real-world security tools to be used in daily practice.

Areas of Expertise: The primary research agenda of the GNOCIA includes development of state-of-the-art, high-performance tools for digital forensics investigation, reverse engineering, techniques for analysis and mitigation of malware, secure programming, and research in spatio-temporal information systems for homeland security.

Special Research Capabilities: The GNOCIA laboratories include state-of-the-art computer equipment running a wide variety of open source and commercial software for digital investigation, reverse engineering, and the analysis of malicious software, in addition to specialized equipment such hard drive analyzers and clean room facilities.

Hospitality Research Center

Board of Regents Approved

Directors: John Alan Williams
Fax: 504-280-3189


The Hospitality Research Center at the University of New Orleans is a collaborative effort of the faculty of the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration (HRT) and the professionals of the Division of Business and Economic Research (DBER). The Hospitality Research Center is recognized for research productivity in the hospitality field. The function of the Hospitality Research Center is to provide a variety of research services to hospitality, travel and tourism organizations.

Areas of Expertise: Visitor profile studies, visitor estimates, perception studies, importance/performance indicators, special events' impact on the economy, tourism industry salary surveys, convention studies, and tourism conversion studies.

Joseph Canizaro and James Livingston Center for Environmental Informatics (Gulf•Sea)

Board of Regents Approved

Director: Dr. Mahdi Abdelguerfi
Fax: 504-280-7228


Research Areas: The Center for Environmental Informatics (EI) is the first in Louisiana and the broader Gulf States region to focus on the science of information applied to environmental science. The Center will foster both inter-disciplinary collaboration within the university, and will greatly facilitate close collaboration with non-academic institutions, such as state and federal agencies, and industrial partners. The main goal is to advance educational, research and development efforts in EI, involving faculty, staff, students, and non-academic personnel (such as personnel from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – New Orleans District and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi) in its endeavors.

Areas of Expertise: The Center will focus on a broad area of Environmental Informatics (EI). The Center will apply environmental numerical modeling, machine learning techniques and advanced Geospatial Information Systems combined with Semantic Web Services to develop smart environmental decision support systems for the sustainable management of marine fauna, risk mitigation and environmental monitoring.
University of New Orleans Transportation Institute (UNOTI)

UNOTI Interactive Brochure

Board of Regents Approved

Associate Director: Bethany Stich


Research Areas: The UNO Transportation Institute, housed within the College of Liberal Arts, combines the diverse transportation programs and personnel that currently exist at UNO into one entity. UNOTI faculty and staff conduct educational and research activities in key areas relating to the movement of passengers and freight with special emphasis on disaster evacuation, maritime and intermodal transportation, finance, public transit, active transportation and transit-oriented development. The Institute, through its diverse activities, continues to promote innovative policies and practices for the users and providers of transportation at local,state,national and international levels.

Special Research Capabilities: Collectively, UNOTI faculty and staff represent expertise in a wide array of transportation disciplines. UNOTI provides specialized research in the areas of national and international maritime systems; marine terminal facility planning and assessment; maritime economics; freight and passenger rail infrastructure development; transportation finance and economics; transit-oriented development; public transit system planning and development; active transport planning/implementation as well as the linkages between transportation, the environment and land use.

Pontchartrain Institutes for Environmental Science (PIES)

PIES Interactive Brochure

Board of Regents Approved

Contact: Director Dr. Ioannis Georgiou
Telephone: 504-280-1373

Research Areas: The Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Science (PIES) provides data and information critical for effective management and restoration of coastal and estuarine resources, with an emphasis on the Pontchartrain Basin - a natural resource of vital economic, social, aesthetic and cultural importance to the New Orleans metropolitan area and the State. PIES also supports an active teacher and K-12 education program that focuses in increasing understanding of coastal systems and how they can best be managed.

Areas of Expertise: The Institute is designed to foster interactions among professionals with expertise in basic and applied environmental research and those skilled in environmental management, social sciences and policy. The Institute works in partnership with both academic and non-academic institutions to provide information critical for the development of effective strategies to support sustainable management of natural resources. Researchers work locally in the Pontchartrain Basin, across coastal Louisiana and on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Special Research Capabilities: Faculty have developed the first long-term database on the natural resources, water quality, biota and environmental challenges in the Pontchartrain Basin. Faculty are involved in the development of models and decision support tools to make scientific information more accessible to managers, as well as field data collection and monitoring. Additionally, the Institute can draw on expertise in our College of Urban and Public Affairs and the Center for Hazards Assessment Response and Technology (CHART).

Louisiana Board of Regents, Academic Affairs Tracking Database

This database contains information about academic programs, research units, and various administrative requests that have come before the Academic & Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents after January 1, 1998. The purpose of this database is to inform viewers of the current status of institutional requests and reporting requirements related to them; it is *not* the official record of Board actions. If you're interested in the final approval actions taken by the Board of Regents, please visit the Board of Regents Minutes.

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UNO/LSU Collaboration

National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM)

UNO Contact: Emir Macari, Dean - College of Engineering
Telephone: 504-280-7120

UNO Contact: Karen Thomas, Associate Dean - STEM Outreach, Recruitment, & Retention, College of Sciences
Telephone: 504-280-7491

Research Areas: The National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM) is a partnership of the University of New Orleans (UNO), the UNO Research and Technology Foundation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Louisiana State University (LSU), and the State of Louisiana. NCAM is a research and production center focused on applying advanced manufacturing technologies to lightweight metallic and composite materials for use in aerospace and adjacent industries. The facilities at the center focus on the following advanced manufacturing processes: friction stir welding, automated fiber placement, high speed machining, non-destructive evaluation, and dimensional inspection.

Areas of Expertise: NCAM also has a strong educational role, sponsoring a coalition of seven Louisiana research universities - UNO, LSU, Tulane University, Southern University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, McNeese State University, and Louisiana Tech University - to develop advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. In partnership with UNO, the center sponsors STEM K-12 outreach initiatives and workforce development programs. NCAM facilities are available for school field trips and offer hands-on courses and training for researchers, college and university students, and members of advanced manufacturing industries.

Special Research Capabilities: Located within the Michoud Assembly Facility, NCAM consists of 80,000 sf of high bay manufacturing space which houses large scale, multi-axis robotic equipment and deepwater access that enables transportation of large space systems and hardware. NCAM equipment is available at no cost for University research efforts and at a daily rate for commercial or industry use.

More information on NCAM’s facilities, technologies, projects, outreach, and educational programs is available at

National Laboratories

National laboratory and user facilities offer scientists access to unique, state of the art facilities, equipment and research capabilities. Some of the instrumentation at these facilities can be operated from remote locations. More information on these facilities and how to gain access to them is available here. You can also visit this NSF page which provides links to national laboratories.

Listings of National Laboratories and User Facilities from the National Science Foundation (NSF)

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